Value Statement

As a wholly owned Malaysian investment holding company, MAAG will adopt these Values in everything that we Think, Say and Do:


Towards Our Customers;

  • Place our Customers’ interest first, before the needs of Individual Operating Profit Centres.
  • Understand that our Long Term relationship with Customers is far more Valuable than Short Term Gains.
  • Recognise that our Customers have a Choice of whether or not to give us his/her Custom, and that we must Earn the Honour of that Trust.
  • Offer Customers only Products or Services that will Benefit them, and that they will Appreciate.
  • Give Customers excellent Services during and after a Sale, never take them for granted, and always treat them with Respect.

Towards Our People;

  • Believe in the Family Spirit of MAA, and place Loyalty to the Family above the needs of the Individual.
  • Behave in an Honest and Honourable manner in all our dealings, and place Integrity and Professionalism first.
  • Be Candid and Open Minded, with the Confidence to Speak Up and be Heard, knowing that Keeping Quiet is as good as Telling a Lie.
  • Nurture People who are Committed, Decisive and Action Oriented, shun Procrastinators and Buck-Passers.
  • Recruit the most Capable of People, undertake Continuous Education and Training, keep the Best and expel the Worse.
  • Develop an Intellectual, Analytical and Thinking organisation, that uses Open Debate, Creativity and Technology to go further.

Towards Our Community;

  • Respect the Law, and shoulder our Corporate Responsibilities as a Tax Payer, Community Leader and Role Model.
  • Continue the spirit of Muhibbah, be Tolerant of Political, Racial and Religious beliefs and avoid all Prejudices.
  • Commit to impactful, meaningful and sustainable Corporate and Social Responsibility programmes that will change the Lives of People.
  • Grow our Love and Loyalty to Malaysia, its Goals and its Future, and always placing Justice for the Country before any other.

Towards Our Future;

  • Achieve superior Return on Capital Employed, deliver stainable Dividends and create Value for our Owners.
  • Drive Long Term and Sustainable Profits, which may not necessarily mean being the Largest.
  • Build a Brand that is highly Recognisable, give Confidence, and develop the Loyalty and respect of Customers and the community.
  • Aim high and shun Investee Companies that do not adopt the same Mission of being Number One in their own industry.
  • Undertake only Actions that are consistent with our Values and that will reinforce our Mission towards Nobility, Wisdom and Strength.


MAA - Mulia Arif Agung